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About Us

Chaski International is an export management company specializing in unique specialty foods. Our concept and ideas were birthed in the Andean country of Chile, during a South American endeavor in 2006. At that time, we realized a rich potential, though a simple idea, that became our mission:

Our mission is to share the amazing foods of the world with one another. We are dedicated to constructing efficient distribution channels which connect our vendors with buyers, all the while lessening the impact on our planet. We believe in a system of healthy integration between farmers, forwarders, buyers and hungry consumers. Chaski takes pride in the foods we provide, because after all- eating is something we all agree on!

Chaski International represents a select few, outstanding manufacturers, so please visit our catalog on the Products page. Our network is expansive, and we have a particularly strong interest in foreign sourcing for domestic sale in the USA. We want our customers to be happy, healthy, and completely satisfied!

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